Hostal HorizonteCharacteristic of the Hostel Horizonte Madrid, Spain.

Characteristic of the Hostel Horizonte Madrid, Spain.

Hostel Horizonte building.

The Fonda Horizonte inn is located in the middle of the historical center of Madrid, in one of the main streets of the capital, close to the Prado and Reina Sofía Museums. Its central localization makes it easy to locate. In less than 15 minutes of walking, you can see more than two hundred places of interest including museums, historical buildings, churches, theaters, cinemas, parks and monuments, without using public transportion. You can go calmly strolling and enjoying the daily life of the people of Madrid.

The Fonda Horizonte inn is housed in a charming building constructed during the 19th centrury. It was used in the past as a residence for nobility.

Because the Fonda Horizonte inn is a small family business, it offers the traveller personalized and cordial service. In addition, the rooms of the inn offer a unique view of the church of San Sebastian, where is buried the great writer of the Golden Age, Lope de Vega.
Behind the church begins Letras district, where they lived our greatest writers, Cervantes, Góngora, Quevedo, Lope de Vega, etc..

Hostel Horizonte corridor.


  • Located in the site of an elegant building contructed during the reign of Isabel II, in the year 1853 (S- XIX), on Atocha street, within the historical center of Madrid and near the Prado and Rena Sofía Museum.s The Atocha train station, that operates trains to Andalucía and other parts of the country is also located on this street.

  • Central heating.

  • Comfortable and calm rooms in what once was palace house.

  • Offers rooms with bathroom, also offers rooms with shared bathroom.

  • Includes daily housekeeping service.

  • Hostel Horizonte room.

  • Offers baggage safekeeping.

  • 24 hours a day access.

  • Hostel Horizonte salon.

  • International Telephone.

  • Personalized and friendly service.

  • Trips within Madrid and to surrounding towns can be arranged from the inn.

  • Cultural and tourist information is available.

  • Service in Spanish or English.

  • General conditions


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